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"When it's worth doing it right"
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Stratton & Sons Painting & Decorating Service opened for business in Janesville Wisconsin in March 1989. Thomas J. Stratton, the Sole Proprietor, brought with him 14 years of business experience along with 20 years painting and wallpapering background knowledge. Profiting from his father and grandfather before him, Tom applied this third generation knowledge to establish Stratton & Sons Painting & Decorating Service and formed its foundation in the Rock County area as a viable, service oriented company. Stratton & Sons has continually strived to be more than just another painting company. They have strived to be a leader in the forefront of new technologies and also at the same time provide their customers with good old fashioned values in workmanship.

Throughout the years, as the demand for different specialized services grew, Stratton & Sons continued to expand their list of services provided to meet those new demands. Much of those new demands were primarily focused into two other specific areas of service. Those two areas being, Deck Care & Maintenance and Aluminum & Vinyl Siding Care & Maintenance. Because of these new demands, Stratton & Sons felt the need to diversify and branch off into separate company divisions that could focus individually into each specialized field. Out of this need, they created the following three company divisions all under the family name and head company of STRATTON & SONS INC. You can learn more about these companies and their services by clicking on the company names below.

1. American Paint & Paper a division of STRATTON & SONS INC “Third Generation of Painting Specialist” specializes in interior and exterior painting and wallpapering. Providing the same services as Stratton & Sons Painting & Decorating Service did before them.

2. Americlean Home Shield a division of STRATTON & SONS INC “Your Maintenance Free Exterior Assurance Company” specializes in aluminum & vinyl siding care and maintenance.

3. Deck Deckor a division of STRATTON & SONS INC “Your Wood Deck Care Professionals” specializes in deck care and maintenance i.e. stripping, washing, brightening and refinishing.

Because STRATTON & SONS INC values the privacy of our customers, we do not share any of your personal information, submitted on this website, with anyone other than internal company personnel.
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