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About Us

Americlean Home Shield is your Maintenance Free Exterior Assurance Company specializing in aluminum and vinyl siding care. For approximately 25 years America has been sold on the concept of "Maintenance Free" Aluminum and Vinyl Siding only to find out that after about 15 years or so the "maintenance free" siding has lost its color or the finish has started to fail. Americlean Home Shield was born out of the necessity or need for maintenance of these so called "maintenance free" products. Our company can ensure that your vinyl or aluminum siding retains its original color and luster or to restore lost color due to oxidation.

As Americans, we love our automobile that has the "maintenance free exterior" and as responsible Americans, we spend countless hours cleaning and waxing to ensure the longevity of the "maintenance free exterior." How much more should we take care for our houses which appreciate in value rather than depreciate. At Americlean Home Shield we can maintain your siding to lengthen the life span of your siding and trim.

With proven procedures that we have developed and perfected, we can maintain your siding so that it will not oxidize or fail. We can provide detailed Proposals from an experienced estimator, along with references upon request. To get your free estimate call 608-758-2529 for an appointment.

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