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Who would be doing the actual work in my House?

We do not Sub-Contract or piece-mill our jobs out. We have qualified and competent hourly employees who will be there from start to finish. Our company carries General Liability Insurance and also, Workman's Compensation Insurance on all of our employees. First, the Owner/Estimator will oversee each job and will make sure that everything that has been agreed upon, will be accomplished. Secondly, we will place a reliable job foremen in your home that has been proven to be dependable and trustworthy. Third, the job foremen will have other competent workers placed with him so there is always a chain of command and accountability. Beware of contractors who use sub-contractors or piece-mill workers. Their only incentive, might be to get the job done as fast as possible, because the faster they get it done, the more money they make.


How will my job be scheduled?

We have a computer generated job scheduling system. All jobs go on the schedule according to the date we receive the signed copy of the job proposal. We do not play favorites because it would not be fair to all of our customers.


Do we have to move our own Furniture?

We will be happy to figure moving all of the furniture necessary to perform the work contracted in specific rooms or areas. However, we normally have the owners or customer remove their own curtains, pictures, wall hangings, knickknacks, small furniture and furnishings. Our company typically will figure to move all of the larger pieces of furniture or furnishings as needed.


Do we furnish the materials for our job?

We prefer to use the products and the manufacturers that we have tested, tried and proven to be reliable. We buy our products in quantities to ensure the lowest prices. Even with our normal mark up, we can typically provide materials for much less then the average home owner, however; if you would like to purchase your own products, we will be happy to figure our estimate accordingly.


What Products do you use?

American Paint & Paper is not married to any one paint manufacturer or vendor. We use products that we have personally proven, over a period of time to be environmentally friendly, VOC compliant, reliable and durable. However, if a homeowner or customer would like for us to use a specific product, we would be glad to bid the project accordingly.


Is your work warranted?

YES! And, we will put that in writing. We will issue a certificate of warranty with each job, however; your best warranty of all, is to hire a reputable and professional contractor that has a proven track record and references to back it up. A list of references and certificates of insurance will be provided upon your request.


Should I be concerned with toxic odors?

Generally most toxic odors come from solvent based type products. Most latex products are typically low odor. We try to use the best products for each application, choosing the least toxic type products first. Some specific applications may require, for best results, the use of solvent-based materials. If you are sensitive to odors or concerned with the toxcity levels of certain products, we can well relate. Our company owns two air purifiers that remove airborne organic vapors(toxic odors) through a charcoal based filtration system and we are more than happy to use them when needed. We are concerned with our employees well being as well as our customers.


Will I have to be home when the work is being performed?

Only if you would like to be, but it is not necessary. We have completed many jobs while the customers or homeowners were out of town or on vacation during the whole process. Again, we would be happy to supply a list of these references. With the chain of command or accountability as mentioned above, along with competent and trustworthy hourly employees doing the work, a proven track record or reputation preceding us and at last but not least full coverage insurance(certificates available upon request), we hope you might rest more assured. This one thing is for sure, we will not take any confidence that you might place in us for granted.


Because STRATTON & SONS INC values the privacy of our customers, we do not share any of your personal information, submitted on this website, with anyone other than internal company personnel.
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